Majestic Membership is the paid version of Feeld, and it unlocks additional features. While Feeld is for everybody and no one has to pay to use it, those who sign up for Majestic help us grow the app bigger and better. Majestic Members are our heroes, supporting our amazing community and laying one more foundational stone in the path of Feeld’s future.

If you’re interested in learning more, here are some of the features Majestic Membership offers:

  • Incognito - be invisible to any of your Facebook Friends who might also be on Feeld.
  • Curiosity - become a believer in second chances: see whose heart beat fast for you! Curiosity will also show you people who liked you but whose profiles you haven’t seen yet in Lookaround.
  • Passcode - enable a passcode for opening the app. This is especially good if you lose your phone — or if you give it to the kids to play with.
  • Badge - Majestic members are designated by the Majestic icon.
Please note that because we're a global community, pricing can vary depending on currency exchanges. Please visit the app store to find out more.
One more thing: soon we’ll be releasing major updates, spicing up Majestic for iOS and making it available on Android devices for the first time ever.

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