Your partner can join you on Feeld in one of two ways:

Invite your partner to pair accounts. This means:
    1. You will each have separate profiles accessible from your own devices.
    2. Your partner's profile will be linked to yours and listed in your About section and vice-versa.
    3. No Connections or chat histories will be automatically shared between partners.
    4. Partners can invite each other to join groups or conversations with current Connections.
    5. This option best suits partners who want to use the app together while also preserving their independence.
Create a Couple profile. Please note that:
    1. You can create your couple account during registration, or change your single account to a couple one by contacting Support.
    2. Both of your details wil appear on the account, but you can only access it on one device.
    3. This option works best when a couple decides they both want to meet people but only one of them will be active on the app.