Invite your partner to link their profile to yours:
  1. Go to Feeld Settings → Edit Profile → Pair Account → Invite a partner.
  2. You will receive a pop-up with an invite link:
    1. Share the invite via the default share options in iOS or Android;
    2. Alternatively, copy/paste the link.
  3. Your partner needs to confirm the invite link straight away; otherwise it will expire after 24 hours and you will have to resend it.
  4. When your partner clicks on the link, the app will open and they will see a pop-up reading: '[Your name] wants to invite you to be their partner.' They can then choose to accept or decline.
  5. If your partner already has the Feeld app but isn't logged in, they will need to Register/Login and then click the link again to accept or decline the invite.
  6. If your partner doesn't have the Feeld app, then the link will lead to the App Store/Play Store. After your partner installs the app, they will need to tap on the link again in order to accept or decline the invite.