Login Bug:
If you've never created another Feeld account before, chances are you're experiencing a bug. This workaround should help:

1. Open up Facebook and go to Settings.
2. Click 'Edit' Contact.
3. Click 'Add another email or phone number'.
4. Add a secondary email you have access to.
5. Check your email for Facebook' message and validate that the email exists.
6. When you click 'Confirm', you'll be taken back to the Settings page. Select the newly added email address as 'primary' and save.
7. Open Feeld and attempt to login using your new primary email.

Switch Facebook accounts:
If you've created another Feeld account in the past and it wasn't properly terminated, your device may be getting confused. To login to your preferred account, try these steps:

  1. Logout of your Facebook account in your device Settings.
  2. Logout of your Facebook account in the Safari/Chrome browser.
  3. Logout of the Facebook app.
  4. Login to Feeld.
  5. Enter your Facebook details through the browser popup that will open.

If you're still having trouble, please contact Support.